About Us

Ing. Andrea Cicero - Ingegnere Acustico, Tecnico Competente in Acustica

AC Acustica offers acoustic design services for engineering and architecture.

Based in Ragusa (Sicily), AC Acustica is directed by Andrea Cicero, graduated in Civil Engineering and specialised in Acoustics and Audio at the University of Salford.

Andrea has an extensive experience in the field of acoustics and vibrations, having worked at Gillieron Scott Acoustic Design, one of the leader acoustic consultancy firms in London, UK. In 2020, Andrea moved back to Italy and created AC Acustica.

The skills acquired from numerous high-profile projects of acoustically sensitive spaces allow to offer a wide range of services in different sectors.

Andrea is a member of Audio Engineering Society, Institute of Acoustics, Associazione Italiana di Acustica and ANIT.

AC Acustica has also put in place a quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Main Sectors

Performing Arts

Acoustic design of spaces for music, drama and dance

High Fidelity

Expertise in the design of critical listening environments such as recording studios and hi-fi listening rooms

Education and Research

Design of passive acoustic requirements of schools, universities and research centres

Public Spaces and Retail

Acoustic design for public buildings, offices and retail


Design of passive acoustic requirements for hospitals and care homes

Sport Venues

Design of the acoustic comfort and reduction of noise emissions for sports centres and gyms

Museums and Exhibitions

Optimisation of the acoustics in exhibition spaces and museums for the best fruition


Advice on the optimisation of speech intelligibility and specifications for sound systems in worship spaces

Residential and Hospitality

Acoustic comfort in residential buildings and hospitality


Mitigation of noise impact of industrial sites on sensitive receptors


Mitigation of noise impact of transport infrastructures on sensitive receptors