Acoustic Modelling

Modellazione acustica avanzata, Progettazione acustica

Acoustic modelling is a fundamental tool for the communication with the client.

AC Acustica make use of state-of-the-art software to carry out acoustic modelling, which allows to create a sonic render of the model for a more immersive demonstration of the main acoustic descriptors, such as Reverberation Time, Speech Intelligibility, Sound Insulation and Environmental Noise.

AC Acustica have also developed several in-house calculation tools, such as Audieum for the remote acoustic analysis of critical listening environments.

Our software suite includes:

  • CATT Acoustic – room acoustics modelling and auralisation
  • INSUL – prediction of sound insulation performance for the building elements
  • ZORBA – prediction of acoustic absorption of materials
  • iNOISE – environmental noise modelling

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