Architectural Acoustics

Acustica Architettonica, Isolamento acustico, requisiti acustici passivi degli edifici

AC Acustica offer advice on every aspect of Architectural Acoustics, such as:

  • Sound Insulation between Spaces
  • Isolation from Vibration Sources
  • Sound Separation between acoustically sensitive spaces
  • Facade Sound Insulation
  • Passive Acoustic Requirements
  • Use of Noise Masking Techniques to maintain privacy in open-plan spaces

AC Acustica services include:

  • Design
  • Acoustic Measurements
  • Modelling of Technical Specifications
  • Test of Materials, Constructions and Design Solutions

AC Acustica keep up with the latest construction technologies by proposing their integration in design solutions that work out as effective and sustainable, with the aim to optimise costs as well.

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